Monday, December 28, 2009


A great idea and cheap at the price!"
(Frank McDonald, Irish Times Environment Editor)
The Architect has some lovely creative ideas and we got very good advice"
(Athlone Client)
"A brilliant name for a brilliant new idea! Help My House has given me invaluable advice on a number of issues, for example insulation to my front door and the windows of the extension. The architect also reassured me about a solar panel which I was thinking of having installed. A few months later, my house is insulated and warm!

(Ranelagh Client)
My neighbours are building and my Help My House Area Architect has offered great practical assistance by liasing with the contractor and architect on site, in a professional and friendly manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
(same Ranelagh Client)
"Thank you for your advice and support over the past few weeks.It was great some to get some qualified independent advice and it enabled us to sort out our house improvement plans. Your Help my Home service is a great idea and it certainly worked for us. I wish you well."
(Foxrock Homeowner with window and insulation issues)
"Fantastic Service"
(Mount Merrion client after resolution of roof leak issue)
"I love everything about the idea and the presentation. Well done! "
(Kildare Client)
" Congratulations on your initiative"
(Athlone client)

Help My House - Smart Advice for a FIxed Price

Help My House - Smart Advice for a FIxed Price

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Friday, November 27, 2009


Our heartfelt thoughts are with those who have had their homes damaged by floods recently. We are not seeking to be opportunistic but are nonetheless aware that a number of people will need advice on how to repair damaged properties. If you think we can help just call us on 01-6683519 or email

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The online Register of architects was launched by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and local Government, John Gormley T.D. on 16th November 2009.

The Register, as of November 2009, lists over 2,700 architects. This includes the 19 "Help My House Area Architects" which provide service for all the counties of Ireland. During the initial stages of registration there will be people not on the register who have qualifications listed in the Building Control Act 2007 or who are in the process of completing submissions for evaluation. There will also be those who don’t have listed qualifications but who are preparing for assessment under the Technical Assessment Process, which evaluates relevant experience in architecture and can lead to registration. In addition there are those who are taking the Register Admission Examination.

If the person who is providing your architectural services is not on the Register, you should ask about relevant qualifications and their plans for registration. The RIAI can also provide advice.

It is important to understand that the registration system is about the legal protection of the title ‘architect’. It does not, and is not intended, to limit those who provide architectural services to architects who are named in the Register.

The RIAI has been pushing for registration for many years (some say about 150!) and the latest impetus which has actually seen the delivery of the system was kick started a few years ago when RTE's Prime TIme program investigated a rogue architect who, with no relevantqualifications, was conning clients. Anthony Brabazon (ABA ARchitects / Help My House) Appeared on the programme explaining what a properly qualified "normal" architect does by way of service. The outrage over the programme led the then minister DIck Roche to bring forward legislation that had been shelved.

Friday, November 6, 2009


"We couldn't believe it that after the heavy night's rain there was no pool on the floor". So said a delighted couple Anthony Brabazon visited who had been one of his first "Help my House" clients in south Dublin. They had a leak between conservatory and main roof and after 3 failed attempts to have it repaired they were wondering if there was any hope...until they spotted the Irish Tmes article "Architects on call" which introduced the service in September. Anthony recommended a good roofer who obliged and resolved the nagging problem.

Monday, October 5, 2009


On Thursday 17 September The Irish Times ran a story by Frank McDonald entitled “Architects on Call”. This story was about a new “Help My House” service providing “Smart Advice for a fixed price”. Home owners were being given control over house construction and defect issues in an environment where there were few places to turn for clear independent advice at a reasonable and transparent fixed price. The price tags of €150 for the cities and €200 for the country raise eyebrows for the right reason. “We could put the price tag on it because the service is clearly defined and uncomplicated” Anthony said.

A Chapilizod homeowner rang the Help My House Office recently stating she had work done but it was “not right”. She had concerns about a porch, shutters and a kitchen. The Area Architect contacted her within the stated 2 days and visited within the stated 2 weeks. At the visit advice was given and she asked the architect to comment on the roof. Following an attic and external inspection he advised that some small repairs were required but that the roof was “good”. The homeowner was visibly relived as a builder had said it was “shot” and needed replacement for several thousand euro. She was left with a “bullet point” list of the next steps… and with a smile on her face.

A Tipperary Home owner had concerns about a deflecting beam at an old cottage and was also considering an attic conversion. The Area Architect advised that while a collapse was unlikely a repair could be done. A sketch of this repair method was given to the client the following day as well as general advice regarding the provision of a dormer window to make an attic conversion work.

Cracks, damp issues and more general matters regarding planning and alterations are the main diet to date of the many queries but what is common is the appreciation of such a simple and accessible service for the public.

“The first 2 weeks have been very encouraging” said Anthony Brabazon the RIAI Architect who devised and manages the service “I sincerely hope we can help homeowners who up to now have been very vulnerable to poor advice and service”. “The area Architects have built up a wealth of experience and reliable contacts in the industry down the years and now we hope to connect to the homeowners in a simple, cost effective and helpful way” . A combination of house defects on a mammoth scale and a profession which is suffering a significant downturn makes this service both possible and timely.

For more information ring Anthony Brabazon on 01-6683519 or visit

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today we officially become a 24 hour service with the Online Enquiry Form. Actually it's not a form yet but a note on the simple information we need to come and "Help Your House". For those of you who cant get to a phone between 9 and 6 during the working week and do all their real business on a keyboard in the wee hours you can use email! In true user friendly and simple style all you have to do is follow the 6 steps on the left and bingo!! Sleep at last for you knowing that you have taken action on that house problem that has stressed you out all those years! Anthony

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wherever you are in the Republic of Ireland Help My House can get you the sound advice for a fixed price you thought you'd never get! Perhaps you've had many tradesmen giving free but not independent advice. We provide Independent but not free advice. As this advice represents the forerunner of a larger construction spend typically we recommend you prioritize independence. All our architects operate under the RIAI Professional Code of Conduct which prohibits them from taking any inducement (payment) from contractors. Ahhhhhhhhhh....more peace of mind! Call us on 01 6683519.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can confirm that we now have full national coverage! If you are in Crumlin or Connemara, Cavan or Kanturk at last...Help is at hand! Ivory towers are being abandoned at a rate of knots and an essential link is being established between people in need (or should I say Houses in need) and a body of willing expertise. The Press release is going out today and here it is:

Launch of Help My

A new nationwide service for homeowners, providing reliable expert advice on house defects and related issues, for a fixed fee, will be launched on Thursday 17 September.

Homeowners have to be careful with their budgets these days, so if they think their house needs some building or repair work, they’ve got to be sure about the scale of the problem before they call in the professionals – and potentially start paying out big money!

That’s where Help My comes in – for a fixed fee-, an experienced and reliable architect will call to a client’s house to examine and assess the problem. He or she will provide a written list on what to do next.

In one simple visit, all the questions about whether a job will be big or small (or not needed at all) will be answered or further diagnosis will be recommended.

The fee for a visit from the Help My House team is fixed at just €150 in most urban areas and €200 elsewhere. VAT and expenses are included in those figures, so there are no hidden charges.

Advice is available in every county in the country, and all Area Architects are members of the RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland), so homeowners can be sure that the advice given is unbiaised and reliable.

Help My – Smart advice for a fixed price.
More details on the Web:

Extra information
Help My has been set up by Dublin-based architect Anthony Brabazon, whose aim is to provide homeowners with simple, yet reliable, advice on building or repair works in the home.
Anthony was motivated to set up the Help My House service on hearing yet another story of an old-age pensioner who was ripped off by bogus “professionals” offering to “fix” a perfectly adequate roof.
In Anthony’s experience, many people just don’t know where to start when they discover problems in their houses, and so, before they make a decision which could cost hundreds, or thousands, of euro, they can now get fast, dependable advice from a professional – and for a fixed fee.

Contact details
Anthony Brabazon is available for media enquiries:
Phone – 01 6683519
Mobile – 087 9795454
Email –

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"Is that crack serious?"
"Why is my wall damp?"
"My roof is leaking, what should I do?"
"Where can I get smart advice?"
"Do I need planning permission for my extension?"
"My shared garden wall is collapsing, what do I do?"
"My windows are rotting, what are my options?"
"My house is freezing and ice forms on the inside of the windows"
"Black treacle is leaking through my wall"
"What are those black dots on my bathroom ceiling"
"I smell mushrooms in my back room"
"My building is protected, can I do anything?"
...and the list goes on!

Help My House is here to help with independent expert advice and clear "next step" directions. There is no shortage of people advertising building products and services so it is best seeing us as a helpful "Diagnostic Service" which can for a fixed price give you a site visit, advice and report on next steps.

The Help My House Area Architect in your locality is a fully qualified architect member of the RIAI and has developed a wide experience in understanding how houses of different eras were constructed. Like a Building Detective they can examine the issues and give you the information you need for the next step.

Here's the simple Six Step Approach...


1. Ring us on 01 668 3519 or e-mail and we will contact you.
2. We will note the outline of the defects and concerns you have regarding your house and we will advise who your local Area Architect is.
3. The Area Architect will contact you within 48 hours and arrange a suitable time to visit the house.
4. The issues are inspected and discussed on site during the site visit of approximately one hour.
5. The Area Architect issues you with a bullet point list outlining the next step.
6. The fee is paid directly to the Area Architect who provides the service either before or at the conclusion of the visit. Payment terms and method are agreed when appointment is set.


€150 for urban areas where the Area Architect is located (e.g. Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Dundalk etc.).
€200 for all other areas.
All cost include VAT (at 23%) and travel.


£150 for urban areas where the Area Architect is located (e.g. Belfast, Irvinestown).
£200 for all other areas.
All cost include VAT (at 20%) and travel.