Friday, May 27, 2011

Q. How do I deal with blocked drains?

Q. We are having ongoing problems with blocked drains. Should I contact the city council?

HMH: Most blockages are on either private drains or common (shared private) drains. a small bit of detective work should establish if it’s a proverbial “nappy”  blockage or a broken drain caused by building work, tree roots or, as I recently experienced, a tree stake driven through the heart (of a drain). If the mystery persists contact a drainage company who will, for a fee, do a video survey where the problem gets pinpointed.  When new building work is carried out over drains it ought to be done in such a way where the old sewer is not taking extra weight, is encased in concrete and is capable of being rodded (i.e. no sharp bends without manholes). Of course if the blockage is on road or public land…ring the city council drainage section.