Friday, November 27, 2009


Our heartfelt thoughts are with those who have had their homes damaged by floods recently. We are not seeking to be opportunistic but are nonetheless aware that a number of people will need advice on how to repair damaged properties. If you think we can help just call us on 01-6683519 or email

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The online Register of architects was launched by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and local Government, John Gormley T.D. on 16th November 2009.

The Register, as of November 2009, lists over 2,700 architects. This includes the 19 "Help My House Area Architects" which provide service for all the counties of Ireland. During the initial stages of registration there will be people not on the register who have qualifications listed in the Building Control Act 2007 or who are in the process of completing submissions for evaluation. There will also be those who don’t have listed qualifications but who are preparing for assessment under the Technical Assessment Process, which evaluates relevant experience in architecture and can lead to registration. In addition there are those who are taking the Register Admission Examination.

If the person who is providing your architectural services is not on the Register, you should ask about relevant qualifications and their plans for registration. The RIAI can also provide advice.

It is important to understand that the registration system is about the legal protection of the title ‘architect’. It does not, and is not intended, to limit those who provide architectural services to architects who are named in the Register.

The RIAI has been pushing for registration for many years (some say about 150!) and the latest impetus which has actually seen the delivery of the system was kick started a few years ago when RTE's Prime TIme program investigated a rogue architect who, with no relevantqualifications, was conning clients. Anthony Brabazon (ABA ARchitects / Help My House) Appeared on the programme explaining what a properly qualified "normal" architect does by way of service. The outrage over the programme led the then minister DIck Roche to bring forward legislation that had been shelved.

Friday, November 6, 2009


"We couldn't believe it that after the heavy night's rain there was no pool on the floor". So said a delighted couple Anthony Brabazon visited who had been one of his first "Help my House" clients in south Dublin. They had a leak between conservatory and main roof and after 3 failed attempts to have it repaired they were wondering if there was any hope...until they spotted the Irish Tmes article "Architects on call" which introduced the service in September. Anthony recommended a good roofer who obliged and resolved the nagging problem.